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NWCOC 2003 Winter Dinner

NWCOC Winter Dinner Potluck

By Lincoln Sarmanian (Vashon Island, WA)

This year the NWCOC took advantage of a gracious offer from Axel Kaliske and Uschi Walter, also known as 2CVsRUS, to host the Winter Dinner Potluck in their brand new 2-story 2CV barn! I was a bit concerned as the offer to host the event came long before the barn was built. The foundation was cast and the walls were up by December 20th. The wiring was being installed just days prior to the event! The next trauma was how to transport the 5 big tables and all the folding chairs? My 1978 VW Van had suffered engine damage after an oil galley plug popped out, requiring a replacement block and crank. The morning of the dinner I was under the van putting the last bits together only hours before we needed to setup for the dinner. Maybe I should get an H van … At any rate, it all came together just in time for a great event.

The spacious barn was designed to enclose 9 2CVs (3 wide and 3 deep, or 16' x 40' interior dimensions) with a large storage room above. For the time being, the structure will serve them as a workshop, car storage, and parts storage. Without the cars, there was just barely enough room to house the 45 or so Members, the drinks, and the numerous potluck dishes.

For the dinner, Axel and Uschi had decorated the interior with numerous Citroen Flags and banners of various colors, numerous Raid Car Placards, and too many posters to count! A cord with yellow and blue triangles with Citroen emblems outlined the designated parking areas in the front and side yards. The tables were decorated with blue tablecloths, winter greenery, and cookies shaped like 2CVs, AMI 6s, Truckettes, and Ds. I arrived early enough to see it all in daylight, and it was well worth it. It was a rare winter dry in Seattle, clear and sunny, the kind that made us wish we had planned the event for earlier in the day.

NWCOC members (and some potential new members!) started showing up just before 6 pm and continued to arrive till about 8 pm. The food and drinks started to pile up, and not once but twice we had to scrounge around for another food or desert table. As people continued to arrive, they soon realized that the one long table down the center of the room would not be sufficient and they simply rotated the tables to get additional seating space! By the end of the night chairs were at a premium!

Dishes ranged from toast appetizers, soup, salads, dolma, fried chicken, lasagna, ravioli, stewed beef, etc,. Desserts included a 2CVsRUS chocolate cake, a gingerbread 2CV cake, double-chevron peanut butter cookies, a fruit tart, etc. The Club supplied drinks (wine, mixers, assorted soft drinks, bottled water, and coffee) that were amply augmented with beer, more wine, and more soft drinks brought by the attendees.

Many attendees also took a look in the house. This was not just to use the facilities, but to check out the Citroen 2CV Shrine! Axel and Uschi now have a good portion of their 2CV models and associated items on display in many cabinets in the dinning room. Quite a collection and not to be missed!

As often occurs at the winter dinner, there were many familiar faces that had not been seen at an event in some time. The dinner conversations were both loud and enthusiastic. The event ran well past the 9 pm end. I don't think that anyone realized how everything had fallen into place at the last minute for this event. You can always make plans, but making them happen is another story. With any luck, the upcoming "Trip to the Tip" will be equally enjoyed by all.

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