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May Meet 2002


This year's NWCOC May Meeting was held on June 1, 2002. Yes, we know that a May Meet held in June makes no more sense than a Tim Eyeman initiative, (Seattle humor) but we had trouble scheduling the meet in May. Anyway, the meeting came off very well. We were honored with the rare Seattle privilege of sun and warm temperatures. There was a good representation of cars there, including Robert and Carol May's recently and beautifully restored 1972 2CV Truckette, Terrance McCosh's Renault Caravelle, Paul and Desnee Joos's 1957 DS19, Henry Reed's Traction, Doug Hunter's astonishing 1966 DS wagon, a perfect red/black 2CV Charleston brought by Axel and Uschi and many others. All in all, we counted about 25 cars.

DS Parade

Photo by John MacGregor (Vancouver, BC)

Beautiful DS

Photo by John MacGregor (Vancouver, BC)

Johnny Mac in Axel and Uschi's 2CV

Photo by John MacGregor (Vancouver, BC)

2CV Parade

Photo by John MacGregor (Vancouver, BC)

One of the highlights of the May Meet was a 2CV game that was prepared by Axel and Uschi. It consisted of a standard 2CV where the rear wheels were placed on dollies with castors. The result was a car that behaved normally in the front but acted like it was on ice in the rear. The object was to "try" and maneuver the car through a set of cones as fast as possible (the event was timed). Fast is a relative term however, because anything more than a slow crawl in first gear, and the car would spin wildly out of control with the slightest twitch of the steering wheel. Fastest driver in the 2CV driving contest: 42 seconds. Slowest: 2:17 minutes! A lot of fun.

2CV On Ice

Photo by Chris Dubuque (Bellevue, WA)

The 2CV on ice did not escape the event unscathed. One of the dollies flipped out from under a rear wheel and dented the rear bumper. Also, see the fence in the background of the photo? Enough said...

1st place: Jim Crone, Kim Miller, Henry Reed
2nd place: Cindi, David & Alexander Walker
3rd place: Leena Reed & Kathrine Enos
4th place: John McMillan
5th place: Andrea Swan
6th place: Desnee & Paul Joos
7th place: Destia & Rod Hermes
8th place: Terrence McCosh
9th place: Christopher Palms

CitroJeopardy: Andrea Swan (Victoria BC)

Traction Avant: Henry & Leena Reed (Seattle, WA)
DS: Chris & Denise Dubuque (Bellevue, WA)
2CV: Axel & Uschi (Seattle, WA)
Peugeot: Pam Felt (Seattle, WA)
Renault: Terrence McCosh (Seattle, WA)

Finally, the "why didn't I take my 2CV to the meet" awards go to Canadian club members Johnny MacGregor who's DS only made it to the border before breaking down, and to Doreen Berrington who's Chevrolet needed to be towed off of Vashon Island.

The May Meet silent auction brought in a respectable US$818 to the club treasury. This cash infusion was welcome since the club finances have been a bit tight this year.

As per club tradition, we award a GOLD membership to businesses or individuals that donate goods to the auction that bring in over US$100 and a SILVER membership if donated goods fetch more than US$50. Gold members receive a free year's subscription to our club. This year's gold and silver memberships (listed alphabetically) are:

GOLD: Chris and Denise Dubuque, Paul and Desnee Joos, Peter and Barbara Kaupat, Kenji and Marion Yoshino,

SILVER: Chris Palms, Tom Tuling

Thank you Henry Reed (and others) for putting together the silent auction!

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