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The general objectives of the Club, to which its members are joined together and mutually pledged, shall be furtherance and promotion of the following:

  • 1. The enjoyment of sharing good will and fellowship derived from owning a Citroën automobile and engaging in such social and other events agreeable to the membership and in harmony with the Club's general objectives.
  • 2. The maintenance of the highest standards of operation and performance of the Marque by sharing and exchanging technical and mechanical information and experiences.
  • 3. The establishment and maintenance of mutually beneficial relationships with the Importers of Citroën cars and parts into the United States so that the Marque shall prosper and continue in its unique leadership as the world's greatest automobile.
  • 4. The cooperation with other Citroën Clubs throughout the world through the exchange of ideas and suggestions, and cooperation with any national organization of Citroën Clubs that may be formed.

How do these General Objectives translate to practical benefits of Club membership? Below is a list of some of the reasons to join our Club.

  • 1. Of course, the most important reason to join is that you will receive the fine newsletter, "Pacific Citroën News". The dues you pay go 100% to the costs of publication and mailing of this newsletter. The newsletter contains news of upcoming Club events, reports of completed events, technical and mechanical hints, advertisements, letters from members, and worldwide Citroën news such as new models, rally winnings, etc.
  • 2. As a Club member, you are able to enjoy club events without the guilt of being a "freeloader". Our Club has a wide variety of events, and it is certain that some of them will appeal to you. For example, in a given year we have had a Winter dinner at a classy restaurant, a Spring gimmick rally that is a lighthearted competition, a May-June Rendezvous meeting attended by 40 or more Citroën, Renault, Peugeot, Panhard, and other fine French cars, a Summer "Raid" or camping-driving trek to Massachusetts, and an Autumn weekend trip to the Mt. Rainier area.
  • 3. As a Club member, you may receive advice, parts, and assistance from other members to keep your car on the road. Recently a member in a city over 250 miles from Seattle was visited by two other members whom he had never met, and they quickly got the problem DS running and on the road again. At no cost, of course! That's the spirit of the Club!
  • 4. And finally, as a Club member, you become a part of the International Family of Citroën enthusiasts, which is the strongest automobile-related international fellowship in the world! If you enjoy traveling internationally, you won't find a friendlier or more helpful set of acquaintances worldwide. Just two examples of recently completed international meetings: first, in 2002 in Massachusetts was the I.C.C.C.R. meeting attended by over 700 Citroëns and their owners; the other was the 14th World Meeting of the 2 CV Friends, held in Austria in 2001, where over 4,000 cars, and their owners from over 30 countries congregated for a vacation week of fun and games. Participation in events such as these requires membership in a Citroën Club.
Such a strong list of reasons to join a Citroën Club cannot easily be disregarded. If you are the owner of a Citroën automobile, or want to become such a person, then membership in a club is the only practical way to maintain that dream. If you try to be an owner without being a club member, your life will be very difficult, indeed!
NWCOC Bylaws
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