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This is a platform for club members to present themself and/or their cars. If you are a member of the club, you may send your information to the webmaster (Form is located in Members only).

Henry and Leena Reed
We are charter members of the club, and own only three Citroens. The oldest is a 1953 Traction Avant, 11 Normale; the next is a 1967 DS with retro-fitted 5-speed transmission; the newest is a 1982 2CV that is kept in Finland for our regular odd-year travels to the world meeting of 2CVs.

Ursula Walter and Axel Kaliske
We moved to Seattle in fall 2001. Since we are very dedicated to the 2CV it was only logical that we joined the NWCOC right away. Before we moved to the US we published a 2CV Newsletter and ran a local 2CV Club in Nuremberg/Germany.
Together we own 13 2CVs and other A-models as our own collection. In addition we have some more 2CVs that we will restore.
For the future we plan to play an active part in the Club.
See our 2CV website
Anthony 'A.J.' Schieber
In Feb.2003, I acquired a very presentable 1973 SM, 3.0 w/auto trans. The engine had suffered extensive damage from swallowing a exhaust valve. The car had had been idle a long time since the break down. I finished the engine overhaul, and a bunch of other mechanical repairs the first week of July 2003, and have since driven the car 750 miles. I`ve always liked the Citroen family of cars, and remember seeing them frequently in the Chicago area in the 60`s and 70`s. I hope to participate in some of the club activities soon. I am located in Vancouver WA.
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