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2003 Cit-Chat & BBQ at 2CvsRus
See "NWCOC 2003 Cit-Chat & BBQ at 2CvsRus" slide show
NWCOC 2003 Cit-Chat & BBQ at 2CvsRus

After everyone enjoyed the Winter Dinner so much, Uschi & Axel invited the Citroen Club again - this time for a summer BBQ out on the lawn (or in the garage if it rains). SInce this years Silent Auction to benefit the NWCOC couldn't happen at the Maymeet, this fund raising activity took place here.
NWCOC 2003 Winter Dinner
See "NWCOC 2003 Winter Dinner" slide show

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NWCOC 2003 Winter Dinner Potluck

This year the NWCOC took advantage of a gracious offer from Axel Kaliske and Uschi Walter, also known as 2CVsRUS, to host the Winter Dinner Potluck in their brand new 2-story 2CV barn! I was a bit concerned as the offer to host the event came long before the barn was built. The foundation was cast and the walls were up by December 20th. The wiring was being installed just days prior to the event!
NWCOC Mt. Rainier Weekend

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NWCOC Mt. Rainier Weekend

It was a busy fall season for the NWCOC, with not just one, but two fall driving events! In all, some 11 cars (2 non-Citroen) and 19 people from 5 countries (Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, and the USA) participated for some or all of this weekend. Models present included 2CVs, D sedans, a D wagon, and an SM. As usual with any good event, people were talking of potential future trips even before this one had come to an end! If you didn't make it to this event, you missed out!
NWCOC Sound Exploration

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NWCOC Sound Exploration

This event allowed members to explore parts of the Puget Sound area of Northwestern Washington State.
The drive followed the coastline of the Sound to the extent possible, with periodic views of Vashon Island and the Olympic Mountains. The scenery then changed to seedy industrial storage areas as we passed by Tacoma docks for an anticipatory glimpse of the Museum of History and the Tacoma Museum of Glass.
Raid Northern Trail
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Raid Northern Trail

A brave group of Citroën owners assambled for a big event. On 27th of July 2002, 16 cars started heading east for a journey to go to the ICCCR in Massachusetts. Wait a second - a coast-to-coast trip in these old Citroëns? Most people wouldn't dare to do this in their new Toyotas or SUV's! But knowing our Citroëns like an old friend, this daring trek took off to experience many adventures. We were all due to meet new friends, see the country from sea to shining sea and fight all obstacles on the way.
May Meet 2002

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May Meet 2002

This year's NWCOC May Meeting was held on June 1, 2002. Yes, we know that a May Meet held in June makes no more sense than a Tim Eyeman initiative, (Seattle humor) but we had trouble scheduling the meet in May.
Point no Point Rallye
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Point no Point Rallye

I have to admit, I wasn't aware of the fine, or not so fine, distinction between a "rallye" and a "raid." Besides the winter dinner, this was in fact my first Citroen club event. It was a complete surprise to me to hear that each car was to receive from rallye organizer David Walker a list of questions that we somehow (I had no idea how) were supposed to answer en route to his house. For all I knew, it could have been questions as difficult as: "Does the fireman wear a hat?" or "Fish preschool?" Well, you tell me. Suddenly, it became clear to me that the 50-mile drive to the Walkers' abode would depend on my skill in playing a game - when the only game I like to play is chess - and not on my willingness to find a place for Cocteau, my 2CV, in the middle of a cavalcade of Citroen vehicles magically bound for a blissful drive that would culminate in an evening of good company and cheer on this great day in the northwest.
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